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I’ve been writing music since I was twelve years old. I started out as a guitar-playing metal head and gradually evolved into an orchestra-composing metal head. Jokes aside, I love composing orchestral music and am incredibly inspired by film scores, VGM, and classical music alike.


I have an eagerness to experiment and eschew conventions in favor of creating something new and exciting. The idea of creating striking and innovative art while maintaining professional grade craft is a defining principle of how I approach my music. In the past, this manifested itself in the form of some nutty prog metal, though these days my music exhibits many different styles.


From 2012-2014, I studied at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I was enrolled in the guitar program with an emphasis in composition. During my second year, I took on a second major in audio engineering.


I left Belmont in 2014 to join London-based progressive rock band KYROS, and since then, I have toured with them across Europe and the US. I played a significant role in composing KYROS’ album Vox Humana*, which we released in 2016, as well as their forthcoming album Celexa Dreams, which will be released early next year.


During this period, I maintained my own band called Edge of Reality. We have released three albums, Elephant in My Pajamas, Vicious Circle, and In Static. This band is a clear manifestation of my more quirky and off–the-wall musical tendencies.


On January 1, 2019, I released my first solo album, Gone. This record best represents my transition to writing more orchestral-based music. The album features real violin, cello, and flute players, whom I hired and recorded at my house.


Film music and VGM are some of my biggest sources of inspiration for all of my work up to this point. To pursue these interests, I moved to Los Angeles in July 2019 to explore opportunities in the film and VGM scoring industry.


Since August 12th, I have been interning under composer Fil Eisler (Empire, Diet Land, Revenge) on the Warner Bros. Studios lot in Burbank, California. We are currently in the production cycle for Empire’s 6th season, and I have had the opportunity to use my musical and technical skills.


I am very passionate about what I do, learn very quickly, and am self-motivated.

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