How did the InfoList start?

THE INFO LIST began back in 2000, but back then it wasn't really the Info List. It was just me helping a few friends who were out of work to get a job by letting them know when I'd see a good help wanted ad in the classified section of the trades, or letting an actor friend know when I heard about a good casting opportunity. Just being a good friend and trying to help a few people. Before I knew it, I was letting more and more people know about more things, and I was starting to hear about even more things because of all the networking I was doing, and then people started asking me to put them on my email list to let them know about things. Then people at well-established companies started asking me to let my list know when they were hiring, and top casting directors started getting the word out about their castings. Then requests to promote various networking events began coming in, because I knew so many good industry people - and after making everyone else's events a success for so long, that led to me producing my own events, where I now bring in top A-List producers, writers, creators, and talent from blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, and top production companies, studios, and networks, where you get to meet them one-on-one, in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Now of course all of my content is no longer found by scanning the trades for help wanted ads, but exclusive opportunities submitted to me directly by those hiring and casting. Up until the launch of the first website in 2006, everyone on the InfoList was someone I had either met in person, or was a personal referral from someone I knew, and the list had grown to almost 7,000 people (yes, 7,000 of my closest friends!) Since the InfoList had grown to the point where I could barely keep up with all the requests to be added, and all the requests for postings, etc., it was time to do something, as the time requirement was becoming a full time job in itself (in addition to my other full time job at the time as a composer of music for film, television, and video games, and my other other full time job as a film producer, and my other other other job as an event producer/promoter!). After a decade of continuous growth, and with all my content now coming from all the major studios, networks, and top production companies - it was evident that the technology of the early InfoList website needed to be updated to match the quality of my content - so I launched a Kickstarter campaign, where we successfully raised the funding to build this new website (which you're reading this on now!). And a very special THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign (you can see who by clicking here). And thank you to everyone for reading, and hope you enjoy the new site, where we are finding even more ways to help you, with more and more opportunities! Happy creating! -Jeff Gund (InfoList Founder and CEO)

How do you have time to do all this?

I don't. But I do anyways. And as long as people keep appreciating it, I'll keep doing it! Besides, who needs to sleep? :)

Can I forward InfoList emails or post them on other websites?

You are free to forward InfoList EMAILS ONLY to as many people as you'd like. However, please note that Discount Codes acquired by logging into your account on the website may NOT be shared (otherwise we won't be able to keep doing this - so please respect!) The only requirement when forwarding or posting emails is that you must copy/post the email in its entirety, without any editing whatsoever, and including any introductory wording from me, and including any advertising. Thank you!

How can I post a job, event or other information to the InfoList?

Just go to the "Submit a Listing" section of this website - we always appreciate good, helpful information!

Do you want to hear if I get a job, get cast, or any other great opportunity from the InfoList?

Yes!!! Definitely! We want to hear from you with ALL types of testimonials - whether you got cast in something, got a great job, made great connections at one of our events, or ANYTHING! Please send me an email to and let me know the good news! You can also email us a video testimonial as well (cell phone video is fine, please hold the camera horizontally (landscape), and try to be well-lit, with a nice background!)

Still have questions?

No problem, we want to hear from you! Use the button below to contact us.

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