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THE INFOLIST has been created for the purpose of sharing useful and helpful entertainment industry related information, including jobs and other opportunities, casting information for actors and models, industry networking events, seminars, screenings and parties, and anything else that I think people in the industry (or trying to get in the industry) would want to know.  It began as me simply helping various friends and emailing them to let them know when I heard about jobs or other opportunities, and has grown from there (quite a bit!) to many thousands of people – when it grew too big for my personal email list, the website was launched.  From there it began to grow not only in size, but in scope, and in addition to jobs, content began coming from numerous castings, to networking events, seminars and workshops, and other opportunities.  We’ve continued to grow at a rapid pace, so we’ve had to update the website for our 2018 re-launch to bring everyone even more opportunities, in even more ways.

Its whole reason for being has always been to help people, and to give back.  The general rule for sending something out an official InfoList posting is that it should be an opportunity for the receiver (e.g., paid job, paid casting, networking event or informational seminar with established professionals, etc.) – however, there are also numerous ways for members to also promote their own work, screenings, showcases, etc. by using the social platform on the website (especially those available to Premium members!) – so we highly encourage you to set up your profile page as soon as possible!

Plus, with the launch of the new site, we’ve added search capabilities for our Pro Members to find you directly, and offer you jobs, castings, and other opportunities including lots of “real people” castings (no acting experience required!) which look for all sorts of people to be in well-paid commercials and more, whether you use a certain type of phone, drive a certain type of car, love your pet, have a particular hobby or skill, or just about anything!  Many national commercials cast through InfoList, and they can sometimes pay many thousands of dollars for a short, fun shoot!

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