INFOLIST Red Carpet Pre-Oscars Soiree 2024 Highlights! A High-End Networking Event with Producers, Creators & Stars from Oscar-Winning & Blockbuster Films! Plus Top TV Shows, Music, Influencers, Video Games, Fashion & More! RED CARPET PRE-OSCARS SOIREE!

This year’s annual RED CARPET PRE-OSCARS SOIREE was an incredible success, with a great mix of A-List producers, creators, and stars from OSCAR-WINNING and OSCAR-NOMINATED films (and TV, Music, Video Games, influencers, fashion, models, and more!), as well as top working industry professionals, and up and comers – all under one roof!  An incredible mix of people to make for what is truly some of the best networking in Hollywood!

SPECIAL GUESTS included Co-Founder of CAA and Founder of Entertainment Media Ventures as well as producer of the OSCAR-WINNING The Aviator, SANDY CLIMAN, plus THIS YEAR’S OSCAR-NOMINATED FILMMAKERS from short films Knight of Fortune, Invincible, and The After, as well as iconic producer/writer/director DAVID ZUCKER (Airplane!, Naked Gun 1-3, Scary Movie 3-5, Phone Booth), producer LARRY KASANOFF (Lego Star Wars, True Lies, Mortal Kombat franchise), MARK PENNELL, CEO of BEACON PICTURES (Bring It On franchise, the OSCAR-NOMINATED Children of Men, End of Days), DANE SMITH from THE THIRD FLOOR (virtual visualization for the OSCAR-WINNING Avatar: The Way of Water, the OSCAR-NOMINATED Batman), EVA BITAR (Manager of Motion Pictures & Television for the Mayor’s Office of Los Angeles), SPENCER WILDING (starring as “Darth Vader” in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and “Grog” in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves), JANESHIA ADAMS-GINYARD (starring as “Panderverse Eric Cartman” in South Park: Joining the Panderverse, and in Wakanda Forever, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Black Panther), SHAWN CLEMENT (Composer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer), as well as Talent Agents GEORGE BAKER and CARTER DANDRIDGE from ASAP Talent Agency, JENNIFER SIMS (Agent / Partner at RPM Talent Agency), SFX/Animator PAUL RUNYAN (the OSCAR-NOMINATED Free Guy, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Morbius), Music Exec/Music Producer JEFF BLUE (Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Macy Gray, Aaliyah, Hoobastank, Korn), Music Exec STEVE OWENS (43 Platinum and Gold Records including Michael JacksonBruce Springsteen, Lionel Richie, George Michael, and Journey), and more from Oppenheimer, Top Gun: Maverick, Being the Ricardos, Stranger Things, Call of Duty, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Final Fantasy, Free Guy, Final DestinationAlita: Battle Angel, Fear the Walking Dead, 13 Reasons Why, Deal or No Deal, plus major Influencers & Content Creators with millions of followers, and MANY MORE from Music, and Fashion, Video Games!

And IF YOU ATTENDED, be sure to log into your InfoList account and click YES on the  Attendance Button on the main event page, so you can connect with other attendees and either connect with people you didn’t get to meet while there (we had a LOT of attendees!), or even  re-connect with people you met there!  And even if you DID NOT ATTEND – you can still follow up with people you would have liked to meet!  This is part of the all-new functionality of enhanced and targeted networking on InfoList!

Check out the COMPLETE PHOTO ALBUM and EVENT VIDEO, and see the FULL LINEUP of Special Guests at the links below!



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Event Page with the Full Lineup of SPECIAL GUESTS:

Hope to see you at the next event (save the date for May 9th for our Pre-Cannes Soiree!), and wishing you all much success in your creative endeavors!

See the photo below for some quick highlights, but definitely check out the full album at the link above!

InfoList Pre-Oscars Soiree 2024 - Red Carpet Special Guests & Highlights
InfoList Pre-Oscars Soiree 2024 – Red Carpet Special Guests & Highlights

Thanks again to everyone for coming out and helping to make the event a huge success – and feel free to email us with any success stories from contacts you made at an InfoList event!


Jeffrey R. Gund
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