INFOLIST Red Carpet Pre-Emmys Soiree 2019 – A High-End Networking Event with Stars and Creators from Top Emmy-Winning TV Shows! RED CARPET PRE-EMMYS SOIREE 2019!

Thanks everyone for making it out to this year’s RED CARPET PRE-EMMYS SOIREE – We had an awesome turnout of incredible people, including the creators, producers, writers, execs, and stars from your favorite EMMY-WINNING and EMMY-NOMINATED TV shows, as well as blockbuster films, video games, influencers, and more!
SPECIAL GUESTS included creator and producer of the mega-hit TV series Baywatch, Michael Berk, as well as producer/writer Steven L. Sears (Xena Warrior Princess, Swamp Thing, Sheena, etc.), top Music Editor Shie Rozow (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wu Tang: An American Saga, Desperate Housewives), and Larry Namer (Co-Founder of E! Entertainment Television), and CELEBRITY GUESTS including Cas Anvar from The Expanse on SyFySuitcase #16 on the EMMY-NOMINATED Deal or No Deal Jessica Lee, as well as Naomi Grossman (“Pepper” on EMMY-WINNING hit series American Horror Story), Katrina Dimaranan  (starring in Love Island on CBS), and Jackie Dallas (“Jen” in the EMMY-WINNING hit series Stranger Things), PLUS – EMMY-WINNING Art Director from Dreamworks Animation (formerly at Disney Animation) and animation producer/writer on shows such as Animaniacs, Spirit Riding Free, Tiny Toon Adventures (and films such as Dr. Strange, Iron Man, and Tinkerbell), and more!
And – EVEN MORE Special Guests from shows including True Blood, A&E Biography, NBC NewsBarry, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Big Bang Theory, The Orville, The Lying GameFeud: Bette and Joan, Star Trek: Picard, Mindhunter, Jane the Virgin, Ballers, Westworld, Sharknado, Heroes Reborn, Desperate Housewives, Wu Tang: An American Saga, Scorpion, Bones, Digimon: Digital Monsters, Chosen Kin: Origins, How I Met Your Mother, and more!

I hear SUCCESS STORIES from every InfoList event about how someone made a connection that got them a job or gig, helped them get their project done, or changed their life!


Check out the COMPLETE PHOTO ALBUM and the FULL LINEUP of Special Guests at the links below!
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Link to the Event Page with the FULL LINEUP OF SPECIAL GUESTS:

Thanks everyone for making the event a huge success, and looking forward to seeing you at the next one!


Jeffrey R. Gund
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