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I’m an actor, presenter, stunt performer, writer, director & mentor. I studied at UWS – Nepean (Theatre) & UTS (Communication – directing & scriptwriting). I have a professional attitude, a good sense of humour & extensive people skills.

I have a wealth of both life and professional experience. Highlights include Moliere at the Belvoir, presenting for SPN TV, stunts on the Superman movie & working for Universal Studios.


A long time ago, I lost my voice. As a child refugee, I have lost my voice. As a sexual assault victim, I have lost my voice. As a mental illness patient, I have lost my voice. As a woman in a man’s world, I have lost my voice. Today, I reclaim my right to speak, to be heard. Today I stand proud and tall, so hear me roar.


I experienced the highs of fame as well as its lows, including stalkers and sexual assault. I spent a year of my life in a refugee camp with nothing but hope and plenty of uncertainty. As a mental illness sufferer, I have struggled with an eating disorder, depression, and debilitating anxiety, and I have had to learn to cope with Tourette’s. As a mother, I have grown wings and learned to fly. I have discovered my voice.


I have a diverse background that I bring to my work.


My dream is to allow other voices to be heard. I work with refugees, kids at risk, abused women, people living with disability, and gifted and talented people. All people who are often silenced. I genuinely want to give voice to the voiceless, to make the invisible visible and to create strong characters, particularly female ones, that represent the minorities, the disfranchised of the world. I hope to point out the atrocities and inequalities of today’s world and perhaps bring about a change. I want to inspire others to have the confidence to stand up and be heard. I want to create stories of those who fall into the cracks in today’s crazy world. That said, my passion is to tell stories, entertain, provide reprieve, and empower. 

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