Van Thu Nguyen

Scottsdale , Arizona



Web Designer / Programmer


Personal Bio

For most of my life, I’ve been obsessed with bringing people together through experiential empathic engagement by strategically positioning them to create better and lasting impressions. Over the past 10 years as a professional communicator with a refined eye for beauty, I’ve taken these skills to the marketplace, where I spend most of my time extracting quality and transforming brands to help them build positive, captivating messages for their audiences.

My point of view is that great brand experiences, strategic positioning, and effective communication are the keys to successful outreach. I use these tools to solve communication problems for my clients that, when we begin our journey, can seem almost insurmountable. In the end, when we stay true to these strategies, my clients generate positive relationships, growth, and value.

I’m passionate about staying genuine in my relationships, using an experiential empathic engagement approach, I am able to anticipate people’s needs, wants, and desires, while generating trust and loyalty along the way. I’m fast on my feet and can forecast trends while shifting directions on a dime to navigate the constant market changes.

I’ve always been an energetic hard-driving businessperson with a focused understanding of how my clients need to talk to their audiences to effectuate their goals. 

In 2017, I partnered with L7 Ventures to provide services to my clients throughout the full lifecycle of their brand, from launch, to growth, to exit. I love to talk about communication. 

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