Terrika Bell

Virginia Beach , Virginia


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Terrika Burnham Bell is a published author, poet, screenplay writer and actress based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. During the course of only several years, Terrika has written seven screenplays and a Web Series including “Bishop”, “Second Chances”, “Lovers & Friends”, “Just In Time For Christmas”, “T’s Tales”, “Satanic Santa”, “The Book”, and “Sparrow”. She has also published 33 books, all available on Amazon, that range in subject matter that includes Christian Romance, Romance, Parenting, Inspirational, Informational, Motivational, Relationship and Thriller. Terrika credits her beloved late brother, who was murdered at a young age, as her muse and her inspiration for telling stories that touch the heart and entertain. Her screenplay genres encompass a wide range as well that includes Christian Romance, Romance, Drama, Comedy and Horror. Terrika is beginning production for her newest screenplay, “Bishop”, based on a book of the same title, and is seeking partners, crew and actors to team with to bring her story to life. Terrika is a natural leader, organizer, orator and business entrepreneur with expertise in fashion design, food merchandising and special events. Terrika is also a licensed medical assistant and Intercessor.

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