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Techi Martin is currently living in California, modeling full time, she was born into a life of traveling, her parents were missionaries, born in Manila, Philippines where she was named after a famous Filipina model, Techi ayagbayani.  At the age of 3 she moved to Japan, and had the opportunity to model to help support her parents.  At 7 years old she moved to Argentina, where she was able to learn Spanish at 10 they moved to Brazil, “ I loved the Brazilian spirit and the way they expressed themselves, not holding back” at 13 years Old they moved to Morelia michiocan, Mexico.  The traveling does not stop there, at 17 years of age Techi joined the US army, working as a secretary, stationed at fort Riley, KS, and later in Iraq, for operation Iraqi freedom 3.  After serving her term in the army Techi decided to take some much new time off, and traveled to Maui, Hawaii with her cousin niki.  In Hawaii she learned how to control her diet and exercise, grow vegetables and take care of chickens.  After spending 3 years in Hawaii, and traveling to Australia, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and costa rica.  The 2 girls (19 and 23 years old) were on a tight budget, going home to California to work to save up for traveling money in between countries.  “We decided to hitchhike from Costa Rica all the way to Baja California, to save money” Techi remembers, after 7 days of traveling in semi trucks, and 7 nights of roughing it “we nearly crossed a border line every day” says Techi, “ I remember crossing into the states, seeing such a difference of how clean and organized with no trash on the road”.  At the age of 25 Techi decided to become a missionary in Ensenada, Baja California.  From Ensenada she moved to Guadalajara, and then Reynosa, Mexico, and traveled to Canada, self supported by selling Christian materials, such as scrolls, bibles, ect.  After spending time as a missionary and a traveling model Techis next goal was to be a mom, “I always wanted 10 kids of my own growing up” Techi says.  “It took me forever to find my partner, and I had to kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince, kind of like modeling, I had to shoot with a lot of photographers to find the right ones for me, who would capture my images best”  now Techi has 2 kids, “My kids have taught me patience and how the best things in life take a while especially the ones that are worth it. Having a daughter has changed my life and made me work harder so I can have a good career and be a good example to show her that anything is possible, if you believe it, you can achieve it.  I still have a long ways to go to make it’s the top, but like any journey in life it takes the first step of faith, hard work and determination.”


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