Scott Garig

NOHO , California

Creative Producer



Personal Bio

I’m 2nd generation Film industry. My Emmy “Honorable Mention’ Key Grip father worked many years in Hollywood Film, TV and commercials & retired at Paramount. I’m not exactly following his footsteps – being on the creative side. I’m writing and developing multiple Film, TV and theme projects for general audiences.


My passion is to create, also to help create. I want to constructively add to this planet whether as “Media” or “Brick & Mortar”.                                               

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Latest Activity

  • I have a new source for film funding. From $ 100K to $800MM, Liquid Lender will fund Films, but each project must be cash driven. Helps if with major Studio / Distributors. Must have a film slate of 10 projects. Show where the profit is per each film (Box office, Ancillary markets, etc.).

    Quick turn around: 45 to 60 days. Require 10% in escrow…[Read more]

  • Great lookin’ new site!