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A native New Englander, I fled to NYC after graduating from Brandeis University where I worked in fund-raising and television.  There I met my late husband, a playwright and screenwriter, and after winning $11,400 on “The $10,000 Pyramid”, we made the cross-country trek with our two dogs to Los Angeles.  My husband found work as a screenwriter and I proceeded to get pregnant with the first of our two sons.  I became Director of Development for producer Michael Gruskoff (“Young Frankenstein”, “Silent Running”) and in my five years with him, read every script that came into the office and only gave him what I deemed worthwhile, which would be one out of one hundred or one hundred fifty screenplays.  We developed over 20 scripts, three of which got made into movies (“My Favorite Year”, “Werner Herzong’s Nosferatu” and “Quest for Fire”) and published three books.  I worked for several other production companies and also spent time in the “civilian world” in advertising, marketing and even insurance.  I spent five years as a payroll master in entertainment payroll and  worked at Disney in their Residual Department for seven years. I also spent time in residuals at NBC-Universal and Warner Brothers.  For over 20 years, I have had my own business ( working with screenwriters, novelists and memoir and non-fiction authors as a passionate advocate for the material.  I am also active as a Professional Expert in Story and Screenwriting in the IDEAS program out of LA Valley College where I run workshops, guest lecture, mentor high school and community college students and inform those students of all the many jobs in the entertainment and digital media fields.  I facilitate a screenwriting group in Hollywood (HOLLSCRIT) and am currently writing a screenplay for a client based on his novel about the effect of a celestial event on the relationships between men and women.  

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