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Hello, I’m Rodger.

I am a creative communicator. I tell stories across transmedia platforms, I craft poetry as a UX writer and communicate messages with intention. If you want more on my path as a communicator skip to the paragraph below. In my free time, I also like to take part in various media projects that align with my interests and passions. This has led to my pro-bono work in various documentaries in the Queer and Gaming space as well as my work as a host in various events. Have a need for acting, hosting, or creativity that you think I may be interested in, reach out, and let’s chat about it. Contact me:  

In June of 2020 I graduated with my Masters of Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington where I studied UX writing and Emergent Technology. Prior to my time in Seattle, I graduated from the University of Puget Sound where my Bachelor’s in Anthropology and Sociology led me to work with Riot Games as an ethnographer and storyteller for a documentary series titled Live/Play. Between Live/Play and my post graduate life, I spent time working on Virtual Reality games and communications for MXTreality, leading labs on empathy online, and running production on more than occasional online event stream. Throughout my graduate career at UW, I worked as an Event Design and Outreach Coordinator for the Center for an Informed Public , an interaction guru for UW’s show, “Coexisting with COVID”, and a volunteer communication consultant for nonprofits effected by COVID.

Since graduating, my time dedicated to helping small businesses adapt to our new digital ecosystem during a pandemic, with volunteer UX writing and storytelling, has segued into full time work at MXTreality. Here I continue to pursue my passions in communications during the digital now, particularly for social impact both online and offline.

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