Reginald Hanson

Providence , Rhode Island




Personal Bio

I’m 19 years old but have more experience than a lot of older people trying to break out into the industry.


I first started off interning at a public access TV station in Massachusetts for three years during my high school years. After that, I wanted more. So, I reached out to a company called ‘Verdi Productions’ located here in Rhode Island, and they happily invited me on to one of their Lifetime movie shoots as a production assistant. I’ve been a production assistant on numerous films of theirs and got credited on some as well! After high school, college did not fit for me. So, I searched for another opportunity that would benefit me in the future.


‘Film Connection’ is a program where you can get hands-on experience and knowledge about filmmaking. I was lucky enough to get chosen and mentored by Richard Brandes who taught me how to write, direct, and produce.

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