Nicole Wagemann

Ventura county , California

Aspiring model





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Hello everyone!! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio, My Name is Nicole Wagemann. Joined Infolist. In hopes to become an aspiring model! Used to grow up watching ANTM, an would always copy the latest fashion trends and poses at family gatherings.l, while taking pictures.Im LDS(Mormon) but with that being said, I’m by far the opposite of the definition “shy”. As well as finally, being able to get my books/poems/songs out there for all to enjoy. Was born with many disabilities but have grown up NOT letting that stop me from going after my dream. Can only Hope you don’t either. My main condition is having an HLHS (hypoplastic left heart.) and encephalopathy (which has A HELL OF ALOT!!!!to do with the brain….. which leads Us back to helping me find a literary agent for my autobiography , you interested? Love dogs like doing photography on the side.

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