Maxine Mason

Anaheim , California


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I made Scriptalozza in 2010 – Quarter finals,


I made CWA in 2010 – Finals.


I live and work in Orange County, CA, USA.


I have been screenwriting for 13 years.


Schools:       I have attended UCI Extension Course for Screenwriters, Beg., Int., Adv., and Rewrite, Grade Avg 4.0.  2005-2009


                   UCLA,  2009-2010 Grade Avg 4.0


 Irvine Valley College,  2011 – Grade Avg 4.0


I Studied with Tim Albaugh (He teaches the MFA at UCLA and the Professional program for Advance Screenwriters) at UCLA.


I was able to attend his Master Class for Advance Screenwriters. 

Hundreds applied only 8 were accepted.


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