Matthew Harvey Deep Woods Paranormal

College Station , Texas



Paranormal Investigator


Personal Bio

My names Matt Harvey, I am a paranormal investigator. I have been conducting researching into the paranormal since I was a teenager. I have help hundreds of people with their paranormal problems. I have been researching ghosts at homes, historical buildings, ships, open land and other locations for over 20 years. At homes, I do blessings and help people with demonic activity as needed. I have hundreds or hours of reviewing audio, video, pictures looking for things that aren’t normal.


I have research other Crypto Creatures like Bigfoot or Sasquatch also. Over the last seven years after an unlikely sighting that left me believing they exist. Since that time, I have spent countless hours in the local forest researching them and trying to document their existence. I have had serval encounters with them and have been able to document their activity. My goal is to document their existence and prove they exist. I have branched out to doing research into the Dogman here in Texas and the Lizard man to see if they exist.


I am looking to take my research to the next level as only a TV show can do. I am looking for an opportunity to share my research with a larger audience. I am looking for the chance to have my own show or to work with others that share my same passion.  

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