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Prior to launching her business, The Write Mary (, Mary spent 18 years in Los Angeles as an actress, stand-up comedian, and personal assistant/scribe for many international luminaries. For five years, she worked at the right hand of New York Times bestselling author and Emmy-winning producer, Sidney Sheldon.  Mary worked very closely with Sidney on his last two books: his 18th and final novel, as well as his memoir. The two formed an indelible bond that has deeply affected the trajectory of Mary’s career. Later, she assisted world-famous hairstylist and entrepreneur, Vidal Sassoon, in the writing of his autobiography.  In addition to her work as a freelance writing coach, ghostwriter and editor, Mary is currently writing her first book, inspired by her 44-year (and counting) friendship with her best friend, Linda Mallory: Everybody Needs a Linda: A Girlfriends’ Guide to Friendships that Last a Lifetime.  In so doing, Mary’s keeping a promise she made to her beloved Sidney in 2005 – that she would one day follow in his footsteps and write books of her own.  Mary feels Sidney’s spirit with her as she works and loves declaring this to her clients – “Sidney Sheldon is helping us write your book!” And she’s not kidding.

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