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RiA REiSER – The First Lady of Bavarian Rap!

Take our planet and its positive herds, grab it by the horns, shake it thoroughly, and deliver it in the finest Bavarian through a microphone – that’s how RiA REiSER sounds. The former Hollywood set designer, with performances around the world (Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas, Red Lions Tavern Los Angeles, Expo Dubai), supporting acts such as “Dicht & Ergreifend,” “La Brass Banda,” and the “Antilopen Gang,” and armed with a yodeling diploma, is something like the Lower Bavarian dialect-rap wonder bag. The positive movement that RiA wants to embody is especially evident when she reflects on herself and writes and performs in her own language. In doing so, she stays closer to the original spirit of hip-hop than some AMG drivers in the capital, yet she’s a definitive soul sister to genre goddesses like Shirin David or Nura. Except that RiA hails not from Kreuzhain but from a Lower Bavarian village, and the vehicle in her tunes might be more of a truck: she keeps moving forward tirelessly and tells all the queens out there how it is—find the people who make you bloom, leave that ego in the fire, and let the F.U. stand. Understand, sister? Just go home with more energy, a wider smile, and wetter (under)wear. You’re worth it. And you too!

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