Loressa Clisby

Burbank , California


Art / Production Design



Personal Bio

I have worked in the film, television, theme park and gaming industry for nearly 20 years in art and animation and I was a partner in a company that produced over 50 animations.


I have written 3 feature scripts, many short film scripts, and 6 TV bibles, and pitched animated shows for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Fox Network, Warner Brothers, Amazon, and ABC.


As an Art Director, I have collaborated with clients in the US, UK, Australia, Russia, Korea, Germany, and China. Highlight projects include The Fremont Street Experience, Star Trek Borg Invasion, Mortal Kombat TV series, and clients including John Fogerty, KISS, Don McLean, George Thorogood, Queen, Ridley Scott and Stephen Fry.


Recently I have been working on television bibles for animated shows and done extensive coverage on scripts for well known and respected writers and directors.

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