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Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

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Lois is the author of Oliver, A Story about Adoption, winner of the Read America award. She and Francie Mion (artist) have created the Loretta’s Insect series: Ladybugs for Loretta, Bees in Loretta’s Bonnet, and Loretta’s Pet Caterpillar.  She is co-author of the Nessie’s Grotto series with Jean Lorrah, which won the IEBA award. Her Amanda Mini-Mysteries were published in Child Life, and voted “most popular series.”  She has also been published in The Friend and Highlights.  She is the author of the American Chemical Society video “Starting With Safety” and the HRM videos “It’s Chemical” series.  She was head science teacher at Science in the City in Philadelphia. She is co-author of Coal for Christmas, which won the Gold Remi at Worldfest.  Her Imagenie science videos are on YouTube.  She is an avid gardener, experimental cook, exercise junky, and all-around silly person.
writer’s resume
“Coal for Christmas” co-authored with Jean Lorrah won the Gold Remi at Worldfest for family filmscripts.
“Nessie and the Living Stone” co-authored with Jean Lorrah won the IEBA award for family ebooks
“Order of the Virgin Mothers” was performed by Trust Us Theater in South Carolina. It was also published in a play collection by Wildside / Borgo.
“Medea in Athens” was performed by Delaware Community College.
“Oliver, A Story about Adoption” won the Read America Award.
“The Amanda Mini-Mysteries” won the Reader’s Favorite award at Child Life Magazine.
“Pop-Up Kids” co-authored with Jean Lorrah is currently a quarter-finalist at ScreenCraft Family Film Fest
“Starting With Safety” is the best-selling video at American Chemical Society
“It’s Chemical” series was funded by NSF and distributed by Human Relations Media.  It won the Educational Video award from Video Maker Magazine.
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