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Kymberli Boynton

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Kymberli Boynton is an entrepreneur of over 5 companies, the latest being Hashtag Selfie Experience Gallery located in the Temecula Promenade Mall and is the ONLY one of its kind in all the Inland Empire.


Boynton started training and performing at the young age of three and has been in the Entertainment industry her whole life. She met Whitney Houston’s Aunt, Marlene Dove, Owner/Founder of “The Blackwell International Academy of Performing Arts Academy” & “Omni Awards”. Dove became Boynton’s Mentor & Agent and taught her the world of the entertainment industry. Boynton expressed, “I had no idea who she was when we first met. She immediately liked my dance and vocal skills and took me under her wing. She taught me everything I know now about the entertainment industry both talent and business aspect and from there, I just ran with it. I attribute that part of my success to her.” Since 1999 Boynton has been the CEO, Owner & Founder of multiple successful corporations that include Polaris Performing Arts Academy which originated in Las Vegas, NV in 2007, moved to Lakewood, CA and now in the Inland Empire. Boynton wrote her first musical at age 13 and since then has written and performed three more full stage production musicals. Boynton is quadruple threat professionally trained in Dance, Music, Vocal and Theater.


Boynton currently has two TV shows that are in pre-production, “Keeping Up with Kym” a reality show taking its viewers behind the scenes her crazy busy life that is also filled with off the wall shenanigans.  “Keeping It Real with Kym” is a live studio audience reality “talk” show that will feature celebrity guests, influencers, business professionals and much more. Both are scheduled to hit TV Networks this late Spring/early Summer of 2022.  


Outside of the Entertainment world, Boynton is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Master Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. She is the Owner and Founder of Serenity Wellness Center and Serenity Wellness Magazine. The first issue of Serenity Wellness Magazine- “Balance of the Mind, Body and Business” featuring cover and story by Dr. Dante Sears is scheduled to be released March 19th.  Boynton is also the Editor in Chief for The EzWay Magazine which is scheduled to launch their 16th issue this March as well.

With many things in the works, look for Boynton to host the upcoming Visionaries Film Festival in either late August or early September of 2022, in which she is currently still accepting independent film submissions. She is also currently in the works of publishing her first autobiography.


Look for Boynton’s Hashtag Selfie Experience Gallery to host major events each month in the 2022 year.  “My goal is to bring events into the community that would help create unity and fun for all. We have all been isolated way too long, most of us have suffered or experienced some losses over this pandemic, definitely some fear has been instilled in us, but it’s time we learn to get back out and remember how to co-exist together in the world.” She exclaims. There is so much more to Kymberli Boynton, her experiences and career roles, but you’ll have to “catch up with her” to know more.

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