Jennie Andreasen

San Francisco , California


Graphic Design


Personal Bio

Lifelong writer, former court reporter…so I have an insanely good grasp on grammar and editing. I’m also great at writing dialog, striving to make it as natural as possible while still being interesting, and hopefully funny too. 


I do some work as a graphic artist, making flyers for the dance clubs I go to (disco, new wave, goth, alternative). I’ve DJed at these clubs for over 10 years too, though I’m not doing that much anymore, choosing instead to enjoy dancing over working. 


I love making jewelry, designing and sewing clothes, and making art via everything from clay to digital “paint.” Oh! I’ve also gotten into making fabric patterns! With all of my art, jewelry, and sewing, I love strange pairings…flower beads with hardware…rhinestones with skulls…beautiful toile patterns of aliens and robots….

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