Javiera Elena Condell

los angeles , California





Personal Bio

I am a firm believer that we all have a purpose in this world. What makes me wake up everyday feeling happy and energetic is knowing that I can connect and engage with other people and we can collaborate together in order to create greater things.
In this line, I studied Sociology and Anthropology because I wanted to learn more about human behavior in order to understand the ways that we create ties, systems, and organizations.


After finishing school, I completed a certificate in Digital Marketing from UCLA.

Currently, I work as a Marketing consultant, because I’ve learned that, even though it’s important to have a message, it is also very important knowing how to communicate it. Marketing has given me the practical tools to express myself and my ideas in more efficient and creative ways.

If you want to talk and know more about me, please reach me at jecondell@uc.cl – I look forward to connecting with you!

Core competencies: Microsoft Excel, SPSS, Stata, Canva. 

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