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With a passion for filmmaking and photography, Hugo Teugels is a multi-award winning producer, director, writer, editor and cinematographer of short films. Notable works include his most successful short, The Queen (2016), Hoko-Bang-Sing (2014), and 2nd Chance (2019). Current projects include AnoMiC, a vignette of 3-4 productions (2020-2022).

Initially fascinated by the power of moving images ranging from artwork to Hollywood blockbusters, his mission eventually became the pursuit of ‘that’ perfect marriage between image and sound accomplished through the editing process. Drawing inspiration from legendary surrealist filmmaker David Lynch, Teugels’ films are characterized by dream-like imagery mindfully paired with evocative sound design that etches powerfully into the viewer’s mind.

Early endeavors included taking photographs and making video clips but quickly progressed into the cinematic world with each subsequent project testing new ideas and limits. Additionally, Teugels’ 15 years experience as a movie soundtrack critic is parlayed into his work and showcases his meticulous understanding of the importance of sound to movies, thus garnering his multiple nominations for Best Sound Design and Score.

The birth of a creatively kaleidoscopic perspective on his subject matter coupled with a discriminating eye stems from his studies at his hometown art academy There, his love for photography evolved into a passion for filmmaking and a uniquely ‘arty’ approach that has produced multi-award winning onscreen magic.

While at the academy, he nurtured a poetically artistic way to ‘look’ at the world, thus inspiring his skills as a producer, director, cameraman, editor, and post-processing engineer. Consequently, Teugels began assuming more of these roles and expanding his creative vision on projects such as art and music videos, trailers, and short films. To further his burgeoning skill set, he attended the New York Film Academy during which time he wrote his highly acclaimed short film, The Queen (2016).

Early 2019 ushered in worldwide distribution of 2nd Chance (2019), Teugels’ latest short film about suicide. His work-in-progress, AnoMiC, is in development and also produced 3 different productions so far : a music video, a proof of concept and a one-minute clip. Additional projects for 2021 include a screen adaptation of Sara Brooke’s short story “Stairwell,” as well as “AnoMiC, the final story” (working title).

2017 saw the execution and completion of the short film Lighter Than Water (2017) hailing the arrival of a stronger presence in the United States, beginning in New York and slowly working its way west.

In 2016, The Queen (2016) was released to a welcoming audience receiving over 100 nominations and awards at film festivals worldwide. A short film borne out of Teugels’ studies in New York, this story chronicles a mysterious encounter in Manhattan. This short experimental film has been characterized as Film Noir with its script inspired by movies such as The Dark Knight (2008) and The Others (2001).

In 2014, Hoko-Bang-Sing (2014), was released, receiving over 30 nominations and winner of multiple awards such as an Australian People’s Choice Award in Brisbane, India’s NEZ Film Festival Best Director, and Spain’s International Euro Film Festival Best Fiction Short Film.

In 2011, Teugels began his journey into cinematography with the release of his first official short film Set Me Free(2011). The fledgling film garnered acceptance in the Short Film Corner category at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

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