Gabe Walerysiak

Rocky Hill , Connecticut


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Born and raised in a small town, I never really thought about what I wanted to be. When the time came to make that decision, I was left scratching my head. Little did I know that a small hobby of mine would ultimately become my passion and make me the person I am today.

Making videos have given me a new way to think, to tell stories, and to express myself.

I like to plan out my videos extensively, and I take pride in knowing how well I can operate a camera and how nice I can make my shots look.

Whether you are looking for a music video, a short film, a promo video, or even some pictures, I understand your vision and make sure my shots and edits match that vision as closely as possible.

If I told my 12-year-old self who just wanted to make Mario Kart YouTube videos that I would one day be making plenty of music videos for artists, operating a camera on set for a short film, and even working an internship at a studio in LA that makes some pretty high-profile videos, I think he would have called me insane.

I think kindness and sincerity are the best traits, and if I can show that off to a stranger or a potential client who wants content, that will make working and collaborating together that much more enjoyable.

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