David Andrew Hall

Rockford , Illinois

Content Creator

Crew / Production



Machinist / Machine rebuilder / Electrician


Personal Bio

Very quick writer that can work in most genre as “content creator / content developer / script supervisor / script editor / script doctor / team writer” that works well with proper critique (and motivation) in bringing ideas to life. I enjoy positive and negative feedback to advance my ability to make a final product that the audience will enjoy. I have won awards for my writing, but consider them to be just window dressing if the project isn’t put on film. If you work with me, I expect us to occasionally bump heads as we both push to make the project both succeed and bloom into something we both will be proud of. If your passion about a project is as strong as mine we will come out on top. In addition, I don’t mind doing the job that people often thinks is below them. I am no better a person than the next guy, but don’t try to take advantage and all will be well. I also enjoy working as “electrician / props master / weapons master” with a very strong ethic in safety, which I require on all sets.

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