Betty Nelle Garner/The Bigger Picture

Santa Fe , New Mexico



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Betty is a smart, independent, and spirited-woman, who has always wanted to tell her story her own way. a seasoned writer and passionate about writing, producing, and making our world a better place. Her first screenplay “The Bigger Picture” was written to open our minds and hearts in order to be able to radiate kindness, compassion and consciousness to mankind.

She has also penned the novel, “The Betty Nelle Garner Story.” It’s the true story of a young woman’s ex-husband, who returns to Santa Fe and steals their son and takes him to New York, hidden by his mob-related family. Betty’s powerful Texas family is on the hunt and, with guns blazing, tracks him down through private investigators, much surveillance and a high-end chase, the story ends up in Florida where she finally won her court case and got her son back. A truly happy ending.

Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, Betty found herself more at home in the magic of Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she studied creative writing, geology, and astrology. She has also been an active real estate developer, drawing on her love of the the Southwest architecture ad landscape.

In association with Susan Flanagan c/o Brilliant Stories Inc.

Two BFFs help a handsome alien save Planet Earth as he embarks on an intergalactic rescue mission to bring one of his sacred leaders home.

* ET Meets Thelma and Louise.

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