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I am a Detroit, Michigan native. In my younger years, I wanted to become a doctor, but after winning my first writing contest in elementary school, I made up my mind on becoming a writer. I believe through words, not only do you express what’s inside your heart and mind, you can also reach others because words are powerful. Majority of my writings come from self-experience, close people I know inspiring me on certain topics, and what I see, read or hear about on a daily basis. Aside from writing being a talent I was born with, I mainly do it so my children can see no matter what you set out to be in life, as long as you’re determined, you can accomplish anything.


Here’s a few of the things I’ve accomplished. I have a stage play available on Youtube titled “The women in me”. I’ve recently updated the script and title to “The same women as a whole” not because the performance was bad, it was actually excellent. I did it because I felt I left out a few key things. As far as changing the title, I think the new one just sounds more catchy. The play is based on a woman telling the ups and downs women go through, but no matter what, all women should stand together as one uplifting each other instead of comparing and bashing. I also have two self-published books available on Amazon titled, “The end of Bernard Mersier, and King Gnarly…the villain always wins”. The two poetry books explain me as a whole, speaking on various things I’ve been through in life, good and bad, as well as how I feel about certain issues going on in the world. 

At the end of the day, not speaking for everyone, but growing up in Detroit, Michigan builds character, good, bad or a mixture. You grow and learn to live with it in order to become the person you truly are.


“Why join the crowd, when I can make the crowd?”

Bernard Mersier

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