Aleisha Brooks

Glendale , California

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Experienced Script Supervisor & Story Weaver 

A seasoned creative with a passion for storytelling, Aleisha brings over a decade of experience to both script supervision and writing.

  • Script Supervision: Ensuring seamless continuity on set, Aleisha has overseen script adherence and detailed note-taking for 5 features and a TV show and counting.
  • Writing: From heart-tugging novels to sharp script doctoring, Aleisha has helped nearly 30 writers elevate their projects in the last year.

A lifelong storyteller, Aleisha’s journey began at age seven with a love for journaling that blossomed into published children’s books, award-winning essays, and self-published novels. Her diverse background includes producing and directing plays then directing music videos and short films, writing sketch comedy shows, and volunteering with at-risk youth writing programs.

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