The Best You – The Largest Self-Development Event for Professional & Personal Development!

Event Date March 3rd - 5th, 2023
Location Los Angeles Convention Center
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Hi everyone,


Here’s a great opportunity to take part in THE BEST YOUThe Largest Event for Professional & Personal Development!  Including renowned speakers at the top of their field in business, personal development, health, and more – on over nine stages, with over 180 Speakers!


Details are below – as always, there’s a great discount for, and feel free to forward if you know someone who might be interested!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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You are invited to attend




for Personal & Professional Development


The Largest Self-Development Event to Become The Best You!

Join us to explore life-changing movements and inspirational immersion!


Listen to inspirational speakers,

network with leaders in the fields of professional and personal development,

and explore the industry’s latest innovations!


•  Nine Stages  •

•  Over 180 Expert Speakers  •

•  15,000+ People  •

•  200 Exhibitors  •

•  Inspiration Zone:  •

To unlock self-limiting beliefs and master new skills:

Phobia Cures, Salsa Dancing, Consciousness Hacking, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Walking on Broken Glass, AND, much, much more!




DR. SONJA STRIBLING – PhD US Army Retired, Life and Business Strategist | CEO P3 University

MARISA PEER – Award-winning Speaker and Founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy

PETER VEKSELMAN – Real Estate Investor

JIM POOLE – Visionary / Expert in Brain Science / CEO of NuCalm

CAROLINE CORY – An award-winning filmmaker, author, and the Founder of the Omnium Method of Energy Medicine and Consciousness Studies.

MAS SAJADY – Author | Founder of Xponential Intelligence®, MediMorphosis®, and Medihealing®

GREG REID – International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Film Producer

BERNARDO MOYA – Founder of The Best You

JEN DU PLESSIS – Author | Speaker | Coach | Podcast Host

DAVID T. FAGAN – Best Selling Author, Icon Builder and Media Expert.

DR. DAVID SNYDER DACM – One of the World’s Leading Experts on Strategic Human Influence Technologies

KEN ASHBY & MARIS SEGAL – Executive Business & Personal Leadership Relationship Coach, Mentor, 7x Author, Trainer, Speaker; America’s Master Connector

MOE ROCK – Moe Rock is a producer, investor, and CEO of the Los Angeles Tribune.

WENDY PAQUETTE – Luxury Life Alchemist | Keynote Speaker | Podcaster

BILL WALSH – Venture Capitalist / Business Coach

LEIGH STEINBERG – Premier Sports Agent | Entrepreneur | Chairman | Founder of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment

SCOTT DUFFY – Entrepreneur and Business Strategist

RICH KOZAK – Los Angeles Branding Expert, Marketing Strategist for Businesses and Professionals, Speaker, Trainer, RichBrands

SARA DAVISON – Divorce & Breakup Coach | Bestselling Author | Podcast Host | Divorce Coach Trainer






Secret Knock™ brings together the best and brightest minds on the planet to create the #1 most valuable business networking event.  Our attendees comprise some of the most influential minds in this world, from the former President of Mexico to the inventor of the credit card.  This is the place you will meet anyone from billion-dollar company founders to Grammy winners.


Dr. Greg Reid – International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Film Producer

Leigh Steinberg – Premier Sports Agent | Entrepreneur | Chairman | Founder of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment

Scott Duffy – Entrepreneur and Business Strategist

Kelly Cardenas – FORBES contributor, Author, Podcaster, Founder-CEO of a National multi-million dollar Brand, and a Cultural efficiency Coach.

Larry Namer – Founder, E! Entertainment Television/ President, CEO, Metan Global Entertainment Group/ Co-founder

Steve D. Sims – The Real Life Wizard of Oz | Learn to build & leverage relationships for maximum impact *Speaker *Coach *Podcaster *Author.



Sharing her trade secrets to how her company has coached over 100,000 women in 2022 alone and how her inner circle clients have generated over 2 million dollars in 6 months and how she turned her pain into POWER by shifting her mindset to have a purposeful and fulfilled life and a purpose-driven business.

Meet her 10 best speakers’ talks



Public Speaker Master Class to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to create massive success.

Meet his 13 best speakers’ talks



A dedicated seminar room, panel series and showcase of leaders and organizations who empower girls and women in the workplace, marketplace and community, and who are opening new horizons in economic growth, political stability and social transformation.



A platform for people, organisations and initiatives who strive, to make the world a better place, through education and the empowerment of others to impact global change and create ever-greater awareness of vital issues.



Central to the Expo, the Inspiration Zone is an experience area designed to help you unlock self-limiting beliefs, discover effective strategies to increase your energy and master new skills, including consciousness hacking, speed coaching, self-esteem classes and phobia cures and much, much more!




Join us at our exciting new event, where we have curated a 90,000+ sq. ft. floor plan with a wide range of EXPO ZONES, including Best for Business, Passion to Profit, Empowering Women, Masters Mentors and Influencers, Health and Lifestyle, and more!  With a wide range of booths, tables, talks, and activities, you’ll be able to discover new ideas and find inspiration for your own professional and personal journey.  There is something for EVERYONE to explore and discover!


Our event is designed to be a place for you to share IDEAS, engage withLIKE-MINDED individuals, connect with INDUSTRY LEADERS, and BE INSPIRED by some of the most innovative and thought-provoking people in the field.


We understand that NETWORKING IS IMPORTANT with regards professional development – that’s why we have created opportunities for you to connect and engage with leaders in the field, who can offer valuable insights and advice.  The event will feature exhibits showcasing the industry’s latest innovations, giving you the chance to explore the cutting-edge technologies and trends that are shaping the future.


So come immerse yourself in a world of professional and personal growth, and take the first step towards achieving your goals and realizing your potential.


With so much to see, do, and experience, you won’t want to miss out – Take part and reach out to us to get involved!



PREMIUM and PRO InfoList Members can get 20% OFF on Premium or VIP Tickets!  Or you can take advantage of the FREE General Admission Tickets at the links below!




You can get Live In-Person or Online tickets.   Access to all areas including all seminar rooms on a first-come first-served basis.



Includes everything from General Admission including access to all areas including all seminar rooms on a first come first served. PLUS video recordings of all the talks, AND a $2,000 Digital Goody Bag!

One Dayjust $63.20 (normally $79! – Door Price normally $200)

Two Dayjust $79.20 (normally $99! – Door Price normally $400)

Full Eventjust $159.20 (normally $199! – Door Price normally $600)



Guaranteed Main Stage, NO LINES, Front Row Seats, ACCESS to main stage speakers, Lunch, Teas and Coffees, Video Recordings of all the talks and MORE. PLUS a $10,000 Goody Bag!

One Dayjust $143.20 (normally $179! – Door Price normally $300)

Two Dayjust $239.20 (normally $299! – Door Price normally $600)

Full Eventjust $399.20 (normally $499! – Door Price normally $900)


UPGRADE NOW (or Log In to your Premium/Pro Account) so you can take advantage of this special offer!


Or, skip the upgrade and pay regular price –


Register for tickets now at the link below:


To be considered as a Speaker or Exhibitor:





“This event was a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in a world of professional and personal growth. I was able to connect with industry leaders, discover new ideas, and find inspiration for achieving my goals. With so much to see, do, and experience, it was an event I wouldn’t want to miss.”


“I was impressed with the variety of EXPO zones and the amount of resources available to enhance my professional growth. The News Room and Book Store were great resources to stay current with industry developments and the opportunity to network with leaders in the field was invaluable. I would definitely recommend this event to anyone looking to take their professional and personal development to the next level.”


“I had an amazing experience at this event! The EXPO zones were diverse and offered something for everyone. I particularly enjoyed the Empowering Women zone and the Masters Mentors and Influencers zone. It was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and be inspired by some of the most innovative and thought-provoking people in the field.”



Register for tickets now at the link below:




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