Entertainment Business Mastery – 5 Week Intensive for All Above-the-Line Creatives, Producers, Writers & Content Creators with the Entertainment Business League

Event Date Tuesdays & Thursdays for 5 weeks beginning October 19th, with Intro Mixer on October 18th
Location ONLINE - so you can take it from ANYWHERE!
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Hi everyone,


Here’s info on the upcoming ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS MASTERY class from the Entertainment Business League – so you can learn all about the business side of the industry and improve your negotiations, pitching, distribution, and how to surround yourself with the right people and NOT get taken advantage of!


As always there’s a great discount for INFOLIST.com!


Details are below – and feel free to forward if you know someone who might be interested!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund


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The Entertainment Business League

Invites you to attend





Everything you need to know about the business of entertainment, including:
Financing and Negotiation
Pitching, and How Streamers and Studios Make Buying Decisions
Getting Attachments
Dealing with Agents and Attorneys, and more!





Worked for the CEO of Sony Pictures, Mike Medavoy, was a Development exec on films including JUST FRIENDS starring Ryan Reynolds, PEACEFUL WARRIOR starring  Nick Nolte, and others with Gwyneth Paltrow, Penelope Cruz, and Danny Devito, as well as worked for beloved comedian Garry Shandling.


A MUST for all Above-the-Line Creatives, Producers, Writers, Actors & Content Creators!

As well as animators, DPs, editors, showrunners (and future showrunners!), assistants, marketers, and more!


A 5-WEEK INTENSIVE COURSE (twice per week!)

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS from 5pm-6pm PST (8pm-9pm EST)


MONDAY, October 18th, 2021 with a special Orientation

and continuing twice weekly for 5 weeks (Tuesday & Thursdays)  until November 18th, 2021



So you can attend from ANYWHERE!


Critical information to familiarize yourself with the business side of the industry,

so you’re never taken advantage of!




from Kaia to get you unstuck and propel your career forward!


The industry is hungry for new stories.  The reality is that what you don’t know about business can (and does) impede your career as a creative professional.  Talent, while imperative, is not enough in this highly competitive field.  If creative talent surrounds themselves with the wrong team, they can get exploited – and if you try to be a lone wolf, odds are you’ll go hungry, just like a wolf without a pack.  You’ve got to know the business side, and the great news is that it’s something you can learn.


That’s why Kaia created all her trainings – to help you find your #wolfpack and learn what you need to play like a pro.


In This Class You’ll Learn:
•  If and when you need to create your own production company
•  How studios and streamers make buying decisions

•  How to get attachments
•  How to grow your wolf pack
•  How to pitch to buyers and reps
•  How to network like a pro
•  The way the pandemic has changed the industry
•  How to negotiate like a pro and not leave money on the table
•  Film financing and where to find investors, and how to vet them
•  The roles of managers, agents, entertainment attorneys, publicists, producers, and development execs
•  How to find your life-long partners in believing
•  Entertainment business etiquette musts


There has never been a better time to work in the entertainment industry – and there has never been more opportunity than now because of the way streaming has changed everything.  There have never been more buyers!


This is your only chance to learn from Kaia live this year, and she will change your life.  She could charge a lot more for this training – and she probably will next year – so make sure you get in now before the doors close.  Class size is limited, so sign up today!


“In addition to all the essential business information she shares that you can’t learn anywhere else – even in film school, Kaia drops these little wisdom nuggets.  Lean into the wave to get your balance.  Don’t take advice from someone who doesn’t have the results you want.  Charming and honest are different lanes.  There are no negative feelings, only unmet needs.  Be curious before you’re furious.  You don’t have a relationship with someone until you’ve laughed together.  I have valued my time in Kaia’s course and recommend it without hesitation.”
     — Betsy Morris, screenwriter, winner Austin Film Festival



PREMIUM and PRO InfoList Members get $40 OFF!!  That’s just $207 (normally $247!) for a 5-week intensive course with a top industry professional! 

UPGRADE NOW (or log in to your Premium/Pro Account) so you can take advantage of this special offer!


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Register NOW at:






–  How this business is different than any other business in the world

–  Do you need to start a production company?  And when should you do that?

–  How do you protect your ideas and IP?

–  Should you have a business partner?  And who should be on your team?

–  How do you find your #wolfpack?

–  Business basics – understanding the roles of attorneys, managers, agents, and publicists

–  How can you optimize your positioning and talent for a career above-the-line?

–  Mistakes to avoid



Networking is the way to working, and staying employed.

–  How to rock networking

–  Writing your bio, positioning your accomplishments, and how to share who you are in a mixer situation, in a cold email or DM, and on your social media and website

–  How to stay well-positioned, and stay at the top of mind for industry movers and shakers

–  We’ll take a fun personality test, and assess if your potential partner is the perfect fit

–  How and why to avoid sociopathy, narcissism, and Maciavellianism



–  Learn my personal pitch technique that stems from the hundreds of pitches I sat through as a buyer.

–  How NOT to pitch!  Mistakes you need to avoid.

–  How to pitch yourself your projects and your career to ANYONE – even industry titans – and even if you only have one minute!

–  How to connect, translate why someone should listen to you, and tap your passion for a great pitch session

–  How to properly follow up so you always have a next step to build that important relationship.

–  PLUS – hear pitches from fellow students!



–  Investors – are they serious, and how do you close them?

–  How and when to protect yourself and your ideas – and when it’s safe to share them

–  Tax rebates and Incentives by country, state, and city

–  Hear my insight from the inside, as I’ve been in the wheelworks for many companies, worked with attorneys, raised seed rounds of capital as well as film financing, and seen places where this can go wrong or stall, even for years!



–  How to negotiate to gain respect, more money, better deals, and a fantastic reputation

–  Mistakes to avoid – including letting reps handle negotiation with you staying in the loop

–  Your negotiating style, and how to anchor your value, and go after bigger deals.

–  How do you get more money?


UPGRADE NOW (or log in to your Premium/Pro Account) so you can take advantage of this special $40 OFF offer!

Or, skip the upgrade and pay regular price –






“I worked with Kaia in career counseling over the course of a month. Her energy, advice, and encouragement helped focus my brand while formulating a strategic plan. With her wealth of knowledge, she challenged me to get out of my box and explore more opportunities into screenwriting that has not only helped my writing get stronger, but also create my path to a career.”

Alison Wroblewski, writer


“Kaia’s guidance has been indispensable this past year. Not only did she demystify many aspects of the writing business, she also introduced me to industry professionals, and helped me develop both my craft but my business acumen. She saw me through getting my first pilot optioned, to writing my first feature, and was always there for support and advice along the way. I am so grateful for the time I spent with Kaia, and feel blessed to know her and learn from her. She’s not only a sharp and generous guide, but a wonderful human being.”

Veronika Gribanova, screenwriter, playwright


“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kaia and the Entertainment Business School. I’d always been interested in stepping into the business side of the entertainment business, and put myself out there more, but fear always held me back. When I heard of EBS, I knew that it was the push I needed to finally put myself out there. I signed up for EBS immediately, and have no regrets whatsoever. I’ve learned SO much in the past 12 weeks, things that surprised, shocked and sometimes, downright scared me. Kaia is a compassionate teacher, who instructs by using kindness and empathy, as opposed to fear. I loved how she pulled from personal-professional anecdotes to make the lessons come alive. Her weekly personalized hot-seat sessions were the BEST. They provide you with a 20 minute, intense coaching session that will have you walk away with a fresh perspective and list of actions to further your career. Apart from all of this, I am also grateful for the #WolfPack I’ve found through EBS – a multi-faceted, talented group of women (and a man) whose passion and drive inspires me. PLEASE sign up for EBS. You will NOT regret it.”

Nidheya Suresh – Writer, Director, Producer


“Applying what I learned in the Entertainment Business League has more clearly defined my brand as a writer, made me a smarter negotiator, and helped me direct my career vision. Kaia Alexander not only teaches the secrets of the industry, she creates a community— a “wolfpack”. Everyone feels like they have a team behind them after the class wraps.”

Denise Papas Meechan, writer/director


“Individuals in any creative field can gain skills from Kaia Alexander’s Entertainment Business School. She generously shares volumes of insightful, actionable information that serves students at all stages of their careers. It’s not an exaggeration to say she’s reshaped my career trajectory.”

Helen J. Darling, novelist


“Kaia is a compassionate teacher that goes above and beyond to answer her student’s questions. So, I’ve learned a lot of valuable information like pitching, networking and negotiating from the weekly live class and coaching sessions.”

Ajoké Adebesin, screenwriter


“Kaia’s courses are beyond any masterclass: they are hands-on, customized to your needs, and loaded with years’ worth of the kind of info you can’t get at any film school. She has created an incredibly rich, welcoming environment designed to help any student at any level – you’ll learn more than you could ever believe!”

Ery De Jong, Producer, Filmmaker, Writer


UPGRADE NOW (or log in to your Premium/Pro Account) so you can take advantage of this special $40 OFF offer!

Or, skip the upgrade and pay regular price –






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