Casting Various Roles for Short Film

Type of Project Short Film
Paid Project YES Up to $200
Audition Date / Time 11.25-12.9
Location Los Angeles / Self-tapes
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Hi everyone,


Here’s CASTING INFO for various roles for an upcoming short film – male and female, various ages. 


Details are below – as always, feel free to forward if you know someone who might be interested, and be sure to mention I sent you for priority consideration!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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We are now CASTING VARIOUS ROLES for a short film, Til Death Do Us Part, shooting in Los Angeles (non-union).


Synopsis:  When Shawn and Victor get the opportunity to have one last big score together, they didn’t realize that they would be the ones fighting for their lives.




SHAWN (lead)

Male / age 37 /  African American.  Shawn is as laid back as laid back can be as a 10 year veteran assassin. He’s always in sweats and a t-shirt, with his hair either braided up or in a ponytail. Shawn comes off as laidback and chill, making himself comfortable wherever he goes. Which is why when he loses his temper (often) people are surprised by how explosive and dangerous he can actually be. *Note:  Role already cast


VICTOR (lead)

Male / looks age 36 / Italian.  Victor is a bit more buttoned up than Shawn, always donning a suit when he’s working. He exudes “made man” energy and is lethal, cut-throat and beyond precise. He never leaves loose ends to any job and is careful in every aspect of life, except for when it comes to women. Underneath the controlled precision, he is reckless with women and gets off with the excitement of being caught with them in compromising positions. *Fight choreography or self-defense experience is a plus. 

RATE:  $200 per day (appx. 4 days)





Male / late 50s / Open Ethnicity.  Mr. B means business at all times and is very possessive of everything he owns, including his wife. He seems gentle and calm, but when you look into his eyes you can see danger.

RATE:  $150 per day (filming 1/29/22)



Female / looks mid 40s / Open Ethnicity.  Terri is Mr. B’s wife and prized arm candy.  She’s only with him for money and protection and doesn’t try too hard to be careful about stepping out on her husband. *Suggested/implied nudity required; no naughty bits!

RATE:  $75/half-day (filming 1/27/22)



Male / looks mid/late 50s / Italian.  Tony is your stereotypical Italian mafioso guy. He can be loud, but most of all he’s obnoxious.

RATE:  $100 per day (filming 1/28/22)



Female / looks age 25 / Caucasian or Latina.  These girls walked out of the house to party, have men buy them drinks all night. And they  feel like they’ve hit the jackpot with Tony.

RATE:  $50/half-day (filming 1/28/22)


MR. B’S MUSCLE (3x Men): Open Age/Ethnicity – These men are fresh to the business and are used as pawns to Mr. B. *Fight choreography or self-defense experience is required.

RATE:  $75-$100 per day (filming 1/29/22)


MR. B’S FEMALE MUSCLE: Open Age/Ethnicity – She is Mr. B’s most trust muscle & has been with him the longest. She’s unlike the other men because she knows she’s in charge.



Project:  Til Death Do Us Part (short film)

Production Company:  The Outside Studios

Executive Producer:  Amanda White-Del Pino

Directors:  Korey Smallwood & Amanda White-Del Pino

Writers:  Wallace Demarria & Amanda White-Del Pino

Casting Company:  On Brand Casting

Casting Directors:  Daarina Marie & Drew Fonteiro


Shoot Dates: January 27th – 30th, 2022 (4 days) 

Location:  Los Angeles

Union status:  Non-Union

Submission Deadline:  December 9th, 2021

Callbacks:  December 10th &/or 11th, 2021

RATE:  See above per each role


NOTE:  Regarding Covid-19 safety protocols, please note that all in-person filming will be done in accordance with all federal and local standards at the time of filming.



Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at, and email your HEADSHOT & FULL BODY SHOT, RESUME, and link to your AUDITION SELF-TAPE (see instructions below), and if possible, links to any online REELS, profiles, or websites to:

(Please be sure to put the ROLE you are submitting for in the Subject Line of your email)



Slate:  Name, age, and current location.  Tell us about yourself – anything else that makes you unique? Art, writing, special talent, family, career?


Technical Tips:

– Length:  5 minutes max

– Dress according to your role.  Have fun bringing your character to life!

– Film in landscape mode (horizontally)

– Ensure your recording device is steady, in focus, framed nicely; cell phone video is acceptable.

– Your audio should be clear and free of background noise.

– Frame:  face, head, and torso/waist 

– Your main light source should be in front of you. 

– Do not edit your videos, add title cards, lower thirds, etc.



You may feel free to share this posting on other websites, groups, and via email to anyone you feel would be interested – however, YOU MUST INCLUDE THE ENTIRE POSTING WITH NO EDITING WHATSOEVER, including the intro from me at the top, this footer, and any advertising or other information present, crediting Jeff Gund at as the source if re-posted on a website or other list.  You MAY also SHARE LINKS to this posting (and are encouraged to do so!) – via the buttons above, etc.  Posting or sharing InfoList DISCOUNT CODES on other websites, groups, etc. is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, as such information is for INFOLIST members only.  Thank you for respecting this requirement, so I can continue to bring you all the relevant industry information and discounts.  While InfoList does its best to confirm and validate all information posted, we are a service that posts information from other companies and individuals, and are not responsible for the content posted, or any errors, omissions, typos, etc.  Have a great day!  -Jeff
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