Bye-Bye Kickstarter! Use This New U.S. Law to Fund Your Film Instead!

Event Date November 16, 2019 @ 11am - 6pm
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Hi everyone,


Here’s a great event coming up on how to SAY GOODBYE TO KICKSTARTER – and USE THIS NEW U.S. LAW TO FUND YOUR FILM INSTEAD!


As always, there’s a great exclusive discount for – so feel free to forward if you know someone who might be interested – details are below!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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Say Goodbye to Kickstarter and Start Making Movies!





An In-Person All-Day Masterclass


SATURDAY, November 16th, 2019

11am – 6pm


1817 West Verdugo Avenue

Burbank CA 91506


“Kickstarter fatigue” is real.  Some great film projects aren’t raising the money they deserve with rewards-based crowdfunding anymore. Over 72,000 films have launched Kickstarter campaigns – and over 45,000 failed.


But now, a new U.S. law allows filmmakers to raise money through investments instead of donations. It’s called Equity Crowdfunding.


With old-fashioned crowdfunding like Kickstarter, when someone puts money into your movie campaign, they usually get something like a T-shirt, a DVD, or a sincere thanks.  When someone puts money into your Equity Crowdfunding campaign, they will own a piece of the movie (which you as the filmmaker define) allowing them to share in your success, giving them a much larger incentive to invest.  That’s just one of the reasons why the average film project on Kickstarter raises only $14,263, but film projects using Equity Crowdfunding raise an average of $268,022!  And because YOU set the terms, you as the filmmaker maintain complete creative and financial control – no studio, no TV networks, just true artistic freedom to make the film you want to make, with the money to make it happen.


Because this law (the JOBS Act, Title III, effective 2016) is so new, only around 18 films have raised money this way so far; but there are hundreds of thousands of investors registered online, looking for projects to fund.  Yours could be next!  Yes, there are a few more steps involved in launching an Equity Crowdfunding campaign than a donation based campaign – but the average payoff is over ten times as high.


So if you’re thinking about raising money this way, take this comprehensive masterclass taught by the most successful filmmaker in the Equity Crowdfunding space and learn how to fund your film.


Filmmaker David Willis will show you how he raised over $1 million to make his movie in 2018 – despite spending less than $2k in starting expenses, having no crowdfunding experience, no stars promoting the movie, and no social media following at all!  Whether you’re raising $10,000 for your film’s post-production expenses, $250,000 for that low budget film, or $1,000,000 to make a more ambitious feature film, this masterclass will teach you what you need in order to launch your campaign and see it through to success.


Yes, it does take more work to raise this money this way:  You have to form a company, write a business plan, do email and social media outreach, and you MUST make a good video and campaign page.  But all of these things are easier to do than writing a good screenplay – and they’re certainly easier to do than making a film.


If you’re a hardworking, ambitious filmmaker, take advantage of Equity Crowdfunding NOW – before it gets as congested as Kickstarter.


An In-Person All-Day Masterclass:  Say Goodbye to Kickstarter – and Start Making Movies!


Whether you’re brand new to Equity Crowdfunding, or if you’ve already decided to launch a campaign, this masterclass is essential.  It will demystify the whole process and break it down into easily manageable steps.


David Willis spent a year researching techniques and applying them to his own campaign – now you can learn it all in one day.



–  How to find hundreds of investors that actually WANT to invest in you

–  What you need to get your campaign started

–  How you can succeed even if you don’t have three pages of IMDB credits (yet!)

–  Why you don’t have to have a big social media presence to find investors

–  The number one reason people will decide to invest in your campaign

–  How to handle the legal and paperwork aspects of investments (and why you don’t need a degree in economics to do it!)

–  The most important things to say in your campaign video

–  The things you should never say in your video because you’ll lose investors

–  Should you advertise? And if so, where?

–  How to take out money you’ve raised before the campaign is over

–  The simple way to get rich people to invest large amounts as part of the crowd

–  The best time to launch your campaign for maximum effect

–  Mistakes to avoid that can derail you, or even get your campaign shut down

        ...And much, much more!


This class will not be streamed online, and it will not be repeated.


This masterclass is a one-time only event, taught by the only person in the U.S. who has ever done all this work and successfully raised over $1 million with Equity Crowdfunding to make a feature length film.  Don’t miss this singular opportunity to learn in one day what David and his team spent over a year learning.


If you’re tired of begging friends and family for money on Kickstarter, invest in your career and learn how Equity Crowdfunding can finally make your project happen!



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