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Hi everyone,


Here’s info on THE ART OF NOT ACTING, a groundbreaking new acting class from Robert Colt.


Exclusively for, there’s a FREE AUDIT, plus a great discount on the first month if you sign up for the ongoing classes!


Details are below – as always, feel free to forward if you know anyone who might be interested!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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Robert Colt’s 





“Changing Careers and Changing Lives!”



A revolution is happening in Robert’s classes, and until now it’s only been known by word of mouth.  For the first time, here’s your opportunity to experience what actors are calling the most exciting, dynamic, and inspiring way of working they’ve ever experienced.  And their results and successes speak for themselves.


•  Would You Like to Be Unforgettable in Your Work?

•  Are You Ready To Be Empowered and Inspired Like Never Before?

•  Would You Like To Have More Fun Than You’ve Ever Had as an Actor? 


If you answered YES to any of the above questions I GUARANTEE my Art of Not Acting Class will do ALL of this and more for YOU!


In My Class You’ll Quickly:

•  Experience Direct Instinctive Contact with the Script

•  Ease Into Truth, Spontaneity and Unpredictability 

•  Dissolve Blocks In The Way of Your Full Talent and Creativity


•  Have The Most Powerful Presence in Your Work

     … and much, much more!


“I am a huge fan of Robert’s and his Art of Not Acting class. It’s the most alive, authentic, empowering, freeing and unique approach I’ve ever experienced.  Robert’s impeccable eye for truth and a rare instinct to tune into what’s blocking each actor has helped me get out of my own way and, finally, into that elusive state of flow.  His approach of fostering creativity from an honest, vulnerable, and authentic place is beautiful and rare.  I’ve grown so much as an actor and as a person since I started to work with him and it shows in the unfolding of both my personal and professional lives.  Bearing witness and jumping into the magic that happens in Robert’s classes is nothing short of inspiring and soul expanding.”

     — Maria Elena Laas, “Cruz” in The New Starz Show VIDA




Be sure to mention in the “Message” field when you sign up for the FREE AUDIT, and you’ll get 15% OFF the first month if you sign up for his ongoing classes!



To reserve your FREE AUDIT, simply mention in the “Message” field when you sign up at: 



Days:  Wednesday or Fridays

Location:  Burbank


“If you believe that less is more in your work, then anything less than Robert Colt’s Art of Not Acting class has more probability of being a mistake for you than not, in my humble opinion.  Robert brings a passion to his guidance, motivated by direct, but kind encouragement that is unparalleled, in my experience.  He challenges each actor to get out of their own way and by doing so unlocks the unique quality that every actor possesses to shine through in their work.”

     — Mel Fair, “Scandal”, “Justified”


“The “Inside Work” Robert does with us is the foundation of who we are as humans, so it only clarifies us as artists. His special ability of unearthing the subconscious is a rare and valuable gift that is applicable to any genre of script. I’m so grateful for his insights. They’ve helped me tremendously in work and life.”

     — Amy Pietz, “Hit The Road,” “Not Tomorrow”, “Caroline in the City”


“Robert’s class is a breeding ground for excellence and truth. He has the skill set of a master and a sniper’s eye for the truth. Robert empowers you to walk a tightrope for the deepest honesty from what’s in you, through the script. His critique comes with an earnest love and playful analysis for the actor and allows for you to receive the most constructive feedback for your craft and growth. I’ve studied with some of the best teachers in New York and Los Angeles, but if you want your work to go from good to great, then you owe it to yourself to jump into his class!” 

     — Butch Hammett, “24”, “Boston Legal”, “Jericho”


“Robert Colt’s Art of Not Acting has been truly life-changing. I have learned to approach the most difficult material and access the deepest emotions with astonishing ease. Material I used to agonize over is now fun and easy. On top of that, Robert has helped me uncover comedic gifts I never even knew I had. Even more importantly, Robert has helped me grow immensely as a person. His guidance is helping me learn to navigate the business with confidence and authenticity, and to lead a more enriched and fulfilling life. With Robert’s tools, I truly feel like I can handle anything that comes my way. He’s the real deal.”

     — Brittany Taylor Visser


IMPORTANT:  Robert HIGHLY recommends reading a recent article about Robert and His Unique Approach to Acting at:



To reserve your FREE AUDIT, simply mention in the “Message” field when you sign up at: 



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