What some of our members have to say...

"Because of INFOLIST, I got my first major movie role... which is going to be released at the end of the year. Thank you INFOLIST - you get work and it makes your dreams come true."

- David Chang

"You produced the highest response and paid registrations out of any of our Affiliate Partners. The INFOLIST is great!"

- Lynda Dorf, the Produced By Conference (Producers Guild of America)

"Because of your service, in fact, I was able to help Lesley Gore connect with Ann Donohue of CSI:MIAMI, and Ann used one of Lesley’s cuts off her new CD for the season premiere of the show!"

- Reece Michaelson

"OMG Jeff! The applicants are coming in like crazy! What a great service you provide! Almost all of them are qualified for this position. Amazing! -- Tina Imahara, Lead Editor/Associate Producer, FUEL (Audience Award Winner, Sundance Film Festival)

- Tina Imahara, Lead Editor/Associate Producer, FUEL (Audience Award Winner, Sundance Film Festival)

"Jeff, we had a great response from advertising on your list for our literary manager Q&A event. Our event will be a great success due to you… thanks so much. We look forward to placing more ads - It was definitely worth it for us!"

- Angela M. Hutchinson (Founder @ BReaKiNG iNTo HoLLyWooD)

"My husband booked the NETZERO voiceover job that you advertised. He will be paid $1,000 for the job! We love you!! Xoxoxoxox"

- Melodee Cole

"I just wanted to thank you. I had my audition today for BINGO AMERICA and it was all because of you and your INFOLIST. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

- Derek Johnson (INFOLIST member)

"My boss has been in interviews with people today that I’ve set up for him [through INFOLIST], and he just came in and said to me, 'I have to admit, this is the best pool of assistants I’ve ever interviewed, it will be a tough choice.'”

- Kimber Norquest

“InfoList has been a great resource for helping us get the word out for all of our casting calls. InfoList consistently helps us find exactly what we need. Thanks Jeff!”

- Stephanie Gordon - Casting Manager, Bunim/Murray Productions (producers of Real World, Project Runway, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Total Divas, etc.

"Just wanted to thank you for posting my class. I've been getting a nice response so I appreciate your help! I'll be posting again with you!"

- Maureen Brown, Casting Director, E! Entertainment, Style Network, GSN, CBS

"Without INFOLIST.com, I wouldn't be here today at Comic-Con as a panelist. The InfoList PRE COMIC-CON BASH (networking event) helped me network with so many influential people in my life and in my journey. Thanks for helping me have the courage and resources to start my own company, Ronin Comics – without InfoList I wouldn't be here today."

- Mike Fallin – Founder, Ronin Comics

Here are just a few of the literally thousands of success stories that members have achieved through InfoList!


"If you're not an INFOLIST fan already, I urge you to attend one of Jeff's events."

- Shane Black
Writer/Director - Iron Man 3, Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Predator

"I do find AMAZING talent, especially when I'm looking for a needle in a haystack."

- Leslie Brown
Casting Director

"Through INFOLIST, my daughter booked a major national software commercial, and I got an agent too!"


Through InfoLIst, Bridgetta became the Harley Davidson Model of the Year for their catalogs, videos, and in-store presentations! "Thank you INFOLIST for changing my life!"

- Bridgetta Tomarchio
Harley Davidson Model of the Year

"It's one of the best networking tools available, and it's the price of an email address."

- Steven L. Sears
Producer/Writer (Xena Warrior Princess, Sheena, The A-Team)

"Thank you INFOLIST for all your help in casting, and making our feature films and reality shows a huge success!"

- Craig Santy
MTV Producer