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San Francisco , California


Personal Bio

When I was 12 my father took me to Stratford, CT to see a Shakespeare play. It was a history “Henry V” I was enthralled and knew at the moment I would be a writer. I started small. I wrote plays for five of my friends which were performed at my middle school in New York City.  I wrote these plays to celebrate the holidays, we preformed them at school assemblies. Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween.

At New York University I worked with closely with Hollywood director Nicholas Ray, who was brought in from Los Angeles and worked on his multi-media movie, “We Can’t go Home Again”.  When I decided to go to Paris and attend The Sorbonne Nick said to me why not work with Francois Truffaut, he knew him from his Paris days and wrote an introduction for me. I worked as a student assistant with Truffaut on his academy award winning film, “La Nuit American”. He then introduced me to Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni and the pantomists Marcel Marceau I worked with both of them over the next year.

For 28 years I worked at San Francisco Opera as the Director of Productions. I was in charge of writing and producing short scripts and opera videos for advertising, marketing and public relations.  During the last 7 years I managed to write screenplays, “The Prince of North Beach”, “Finding Chester”, “Shots Fired”, “Surviving Sisters” and “Two Men Watching”.

Then in 2022 I finished a new screenplay “The Shetland Bus: Journey to Jung”. As of this time I have won awards for this original screenplay in these competitions:  

Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards

Selected – 2022


London Film Festival International Screenplay Competition Selected – 2022


Swiss International Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Selected – 2022


International Screenplay Competition

Finalist – 2022


London International Screenplay Competition

Semi-Finalist – 2022


San Francisco International Screenplay Competition

Quarter- Finalist -2022


PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

Semi-Finalist – 2022


Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards

Semi-Finalist – 2022


Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Official Selection – 2022




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