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I’ve had an extremely fun (and stressful) life. I worked for years in the crab fishing industry on the Bering Sea, including being on boats that nearly sank, did catch fire, and many other escapades.

I followed that by working in tense and challenging situations, frequently alone, all over the world. I was in Guatemala during the civil war there and then Honduras, Egypt during Arab Spring, The Philippines during a Typhoon, and had adventures on every other continent, too (except Antarctica, although I’m hoping to land a project on that continent this year.)

I have a pretty unusual photo album.

Since May of 2021 my scripts have won 3 “Best Screenplay” awards, a “9.08 out of 10” rating from The Script Lab, “Top 10” at Cinequest, “Top 50” from ScreenCraft, top 100 on Coverfly, and the Grand Prize in the 2023 Fade In Thriller Awards.

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