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Shaene Siders is a science fiction and action writer who geeks out over swords, sorcery, and superheroes.  Her television credits include Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, a Warner Brothers/DC superhero show, an Emmy Award winning Amazon Studios series, and Netflix’s Saint Seiya:  Knights of the Zodiac.  She has also written for The Discovery Channel and NASA.  Shaene would love to bring professional, weapons-grade writing to your next project!

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  • I’ve been approved to go to script for a reboot of an old Universal character. Would love to spend more time checking out the InfoList site, but it’s time to get writing!

    • Congrats on the new gig – and welcome to the new INFOLIST! Let’s catch up soon!

      • That’s awesome! Is it action based show or a drama?

      • Jeff, let’s def catch up. I noticed that sometimes when my post displays (like on this reply page, where it’s in bold), my apostrophes get a backslash character in front of them. May wanna check with your Web programmer and see if certain special characters are being saved or displayed weirdly and whether there’s an easy fix. 🙂

        • Hmmmm…. I’m not seeing the backslash characters on my end – but I’ll have my programmer look into it. can you let me know what system version and browser you’re using? (private message is fine).