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Coming from an animated world of unicorns, rainbows and magical school girls, my name is Sean and I feel like I live an anime and kawaii life. What makes me stand out is that I live for kawaii or cute Japanese fashion. Being a multi ethnic gay male I get a lot of inspiration from many different sources, but its the Japanese view of ‘kawaii’ or cute that defies my fashion style. Ever since I was a young boy, I used to love to play with plushies, barbie dolls etc. but because of societal norms, I thought it was bad and held back my emotions. It wasn’t till after college where I tried to be cool and all edgy did I realize that it wasn’t for me. And once I started to cosplay and dye my hair pink, I knew that this was me. I want to show the world that colors are just colors. Not one gender or person should dictate what is for a male or what is for a female. As for me, pink is my color. Pink is happiness, love and joy. Pink brings smiles to peoples’ faces. Pink is me.

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