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I would like to introduce myself and my writing partner for consideration of representation. My name is Scott Weisenfeld and my writing partner is Ron Williams. We have been a writing team for over twenty years. Our background in production opened the door for us to start writing together on various projects for clients. When we realized our writing styles complement each other rather well we decided to work together on our own projects.


Over the last twenty plus years, we have written multiple scripts in various genres but have found that suspense thrillers are our mainstay. In addition, we have written comedy screenplays and sitcoms, plays, and two seasons of a web-series that drew a very large audience.


We are currently in negotiation with a producer for optioning one of our scripts with interest in other scripts we currently have available. We are at a point where we need professional guidance on the best process to further our writing careers. 


We are able to submit material for consideration. In respect to the current negotiation, we would be unable to send the current script we are potentially optioning and getting into production, but are happy to send other scripts or script samples based on your current needs. 


We greatly appreciate your time and if you are not in a position to move forward with us, any suggestions you may have would be welcome.




Scott Weisenfeld & Ron Williams

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