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New Documentary Series is looking for people struggling to get the proper diagnosis for forms of mental illness.  Are you or someone in your family suffering from what you think may be untreated mental illness? Have you tried “getting better” but have had multiple episodes that feel uncontrollable?
There’s no easy test that can let someone know if there is mental illness. Common signs of mental illness in adults and adolescents can include the following:
·      Marked changes in personality, eating or sleeping patterns
·      An inability to cope with problems or daily activities
·      Strange or grandiose ideas
·      Excessive anxiety
·      Prolonged depression or apathy
·      Thinking or talking about suicide
·      Substance abuse
·      Extreme mood swings or excessive anger, hostility or violent behavior
Unlike diabetes or cancer, there is no medical test that can accurately diagnose mental illness. And, there is no magical cure for mental health issues. 
Many people who have mental health conditions consider their signs and symptoms a normal part of life or avoid treatment out of shame or fear. There is no shame in seeking help.
If you think you or your family member is suffering with mental illness – we would like to hear from you and help. We are looking for families for a documentary series on how people are diagnosed and how the family copes with and heals around mental health issues.
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