Sara Quiriconi

Miami , Florida





Voice Over

Content Creator, On-Camera Talent


Personal Bio

My name is Sara! I’m 36 years old by birth certificate, 12 at heart. I’m happiest near the ocean. My favorite movie theatre is on an airplane. My ideal dinner out is a fresh meal prepped at home or in the premiere lounge access in any airport. My most comfortable place is in front of the camera.


I create inspiring, storytelling and empowering content for a living, interviewing, filming & speaking in various wellness, fitness and travel events. I’m playful, creative, dedicated, determined, passionate, and professional, as a student of life and the world around me.


I’ve most recently gotten back into modeling, and now acting. Always a ham and a natural in front of the camera, being a chameleon of such to play and act different emotions and roles comes second nature.


I love the color blue. My eyes are blue/green (depending on the color I’m wearing). @pepinathepuggle is my only (and ever) child.


My proudest accomplishment has been shamelessly writing an auto-biography, which illustrates my life lessons overcoming various struggles — overcoming an eating disorder, leaping from jobs, relationships and locations that weren’t suited for me, and striving each day to be my best and #neversettle


I’m so excited for upcoming travels, speaking events, and content collaborations working with like-minded companies in the Travel & Wellness Sectors. In addition, I’m eager to jump back into the modeling world, and now acting, a life-long dream of mine, now coming to life.


The most important part along this adventure is to continue to share the life lessons, the journey and the inspiration with YOU warriors here on my page,

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