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My name is Ronda Gully and I am a model and actress with Azalea Agency. I also do a ton of freelance modeling for online boutiques, fashion shows, and local magazines.  I love to do fashion, runway, print, and commercial and am looking to do this more professionally. I also enjoy being in a good stage play. I think I am best known for my sense of fashion. I just take to it. I normally do my own hair and make-up for my gigs, I love putting together wardrobes for photoshoots. I owned an online boutique myself at one point in time. Other hobbies include making jewelry, cooking and baking bread, cakes, and just about any baked good you can think of, roller skating (I used to compete on a team), and writing poetry. If you met me in a club with my girlfriends, I’d probably be the one dancing on the bar! I love to dance. I am a Nurse Practitioner and I love my job and my patients. I rent my home because I keep saying I’m going to move soon. I have a dog, a cat, and two school aged kids, yes I am a busy mom! I also love to be in the gym. I have always had an athletic background, I did track and cross country and was a cheerleader. Overall, I am easy going and just love to have fun! I was voted class clown in Junior High! But also, I was voted best dressed, I am not sure which one I am most proud of. I love to make people laugh and have always been known as a “Flygirl” which happens to be my model name that most people know me. And because I was told this is important to note as well, I drive a Ford Explorer XL, I love R and B and Hip hop music, gospel rap is my favorite, yes gospel rap, comedy shows are always a go to and romance movies. All so, I am Christian and a regular church goer.

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