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In Known to the public as the “Chinese Barbie Queen” due to her striking resemblance to the iconic doll, Rachel’s all-natural waist-to-hip ratio of 0.55 is just one of her many claims to fame. This Chinese Canadian sensation is an international supermodel, sought-after beauty queen, influencer with viral success, and rising actress.


Rachel’s accolades speak volumes about her influence in the modeling world. She was honored with the 2024 Influential Model of The Year Award by the International Celebrity Awards during the Cannes Film Festival. She also secured the 3rd place for Best Female Model 2023, awarded by Waves and Runways Magazine and International

Fashion Magazine, and won the Fashion & Style People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Waterfront Awards. Her success extends beyond the runway to the pageant stage. Rachel first captured the

title of Mrs. China USA in January 2023, followed by Mrs. Photogenic at the 35th Asia USA, Europe Global & Latina Global in November 2023, and was crowned Ms. Canada World in 2024.


As a global influencer, Rachel leverages her extensive network to promote the International Peace Festival, originally initiated in Toronto, and now expanding globally

under her guidance as VP of Global Development. Her influence isn’t just limited to modeling and pageantry; Rachel is also making waves in Hollywood. Represented by

Firestone Talent Management in Hollywood and Rasta Phil Entertainment in Canada, she

has caught the attention of famous Hollywood producers like Ceci Cleary and Andy Gould. Hollywood heavyweights are not the only ones captivated by Rachel. Steve Erhardt, Michael Jackson’s longtime hair & makeup artist, took Rachel under his wing, mentoring her and preparing her for the fame that she is quickly amassing.


Rachel’s journey from politics to fashion is nothing short of inspiring. Discovered in July 2022 at a Toronto fashion show, she quickly transitioned from a career in politics and journalism to the glitz and glam of the runway. By October 2022, she was modeling alongside Miss Toronto and Miss Hong Kong and working for brands like L’Oréal



Her transition into Hollywood was marked by her participation in the LA Model Showcase, where she competed against much younger models and secured a three-year

contract with Bounty Models in Beverly Hills, a testament to her talent and perseverance. Before her meteoric rise, Rachel’s life was rooted in hard work and determination. An MBA graduate from the University of Ottawa, she built a career in Canadian politics,

holding significant roles such as Chief of Staff for a Member of Provincial Parliament and federal election campaign manager. Her journey from political aid to the brand ambassador for major couture brands like KH Luxury and Berri’N Couture highlights her versatility and relentless drive.


Rachel’s stunning presence has been featured in prestigious publications worldwide, including Grazia, Daily Mail, InStyle Magazine, ExtraTV, and Yahoo News. Her impeccable style and eye-catching figure make her a standout at star-studded events like

the Elton John Oscar bash and the Primetime Emmys Governors Ball. A video of her at the 75th Emmys Governors Ball went viral, amassing 11 million views on TikTok and

Instagram within three months.

Rachel continues to break barriers and inspire women everywhere, with a career defined by a pattern of overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness. With audiences demanding more diversity in talent, Rachel Song’s future is undoubtedly bright, promising new heights for her and those who follow in her footsteps.

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