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Rachel Gray started out her 20 year music career as front desk staff at the legendary Larrabee Sound Studios. Within a year, she was asked to take over the Studio Management position, overseeing and directing all aspects of the studio business. During her time at Larrabee, she worked with renowned artists such as Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx and John Legend, as well as developed close relationships with Grammy winning engineers Dave Pensado, Manny Marroquin and Jaycen Joshua, among others.


Despite being the only woman in upper management and new in the recording studio space, she developed a vision for the studio that was supported company-wide and resulted in the demand for and development of, from both sonic and visual perspectives, the expansion of the studio from 3 recording rooms to 5. She also authored policies and procedures that streamlined staff consistency and efficiency, as well as improved client expectations and experiences which resulted in a 35% increase in bookings, and are still in use today. These structural improvements created a strong foundation and set the tone for Larrabee’s later developments and further expansions.

Rachel went on to work with Grammy Award winning producer Tricky Stewart, overseeing RedZones recording studio division, with locations in both Los Angeles and Atlanta. During her time at RedZone, she worked with iconic artists such as Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean, Mary J. Blige and Katy Perry, as well as developed close relationships with Grammy winning songwriters, vocal producers and engineers like The-Dream, Justin Tranter, Kuk Harrell and Josh Gudwin, among others.


She updated and built out rooms to support not only outside artist projects but in-house talent as well. In addition, she created operational policies and procedures and training guides, mentored many interns and runners who went on to become assistant engineers, producers and Grammy-winning engineers for both in house and outside clients, created an online booking program, and systematized and streamlined workflow across both facilities, ensuring staff consistency, quality recordings and extraordinary client experience. This created consistent outcomes across all studio locations and set new standards for A-list creation. She also brought in her operational expertise, along with her long-standing industry connections to increase revenue and client satisfaction and created a demand for resident, long-term and return bookings.


This studio became so iconic it is now home to Sony/ATV Music’s Atlanta office and studio complex.


Creative Business Consultant

Rachel has also consulted for several existing and new recording studios including most recently, Volume Studios and Light Sonic Division, where she brought her expertise from all aspects of the music business in to solve sound, staff and execution issues, develop business plans and build out structures to support the goals and vision of the respective studios.


She has worked in both residential and commercial facilities to provide solid sound and interior design to support both technical and visual aspects crucial to providing a quality end product, and has all the resources needed to see any project from inception to reality at a professional level.


Additional Industry Experience

In addition to Rachel’s Studio Executive and Creative Business Consulting experience, she has also been involved with other aspects of the industry including:

  • Project Coordination and Music Supervision of The Dream’s visual album GENESIS

  • Envisioned and Coordinated exclusive events including several Grammy Events, Artists Showcases, Album Releases, Live Performances and more

  • Organized and oversaw live, online and in-person productions for GhostTown, Semi Precious Weapons and Ginny Blackmore

  • On location coordination for major television series and motion picture filmings

  • Organization, coordination and execution of writing camps for major label placements

  • Website creative direction, design and updates for studios and artists

  • Electronic Press Kit creation for talent

  • Social Media marketing and development for in-house talent and studios

  • Video and drone footage content creation

  • Mindset, logistics, branding, project development and execution

  • Publishing, splits, collaboration and placements

  • Artist and Creative Management

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