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Awards winner writer/director/producer/actor Neel Esh was born and grew up in Ahemedabad, India. he has Master Degree in Chemistry but he never wanted to become Chemist. during his studies, took part in drama and television programs as an actor and producer. With a passion to make a film, he went to Mumbai, (Bollywood). where he worked with his film producer friend and learned the ins and outs of making a future film. In 2003, he started his own production company in Mumbai, India. and produced a future film “Deewaanee”. Although he highly enjoyed working in his native country, he moved to Las Vegas , and I started his USA base production company Patel Films LLC . in Las Vegas he invested with Mahal Empire and he took part of three Horror Films as an Executive producer. Then he decided to make his own written script American Dream Drama. To make a film like a “Mr. Deshee” is passion for him. because it is very an emotional, dramatic, romantic, and very unique story by bringing many cultures together. With a strong hopeful message to people who are illegal immigrants in the United States. It shows every one wants to come the United States because “America is a land of an opportunity” and will strike a cord with every person who are immigrants in the United States. Mr.Deshee Won many awards in film festivals around the world till now . Neel Esh is going to produce live show on the heart of Las Vegas strip from May 7th 2022. he will be the first Indian producer on the strip . so far Patel Films produce (1) the journey of mr.deshee in 2020 (2) ring of desire in 2021,(3) death club in 2022 (upcoming horror) AND he is all set for his next production in 2022 which will be announced very soon 

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