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http://BIOGRAPHY OF A WRITER- NANCY L. O’BRIEN QUOTE: Any job worth doing is worth doing well. -Thomas Keller Nancy O’Brien is a writer, performing artist, caring sister, mother of four rescued fur babies, and courageous expeditionary, who has maintained a lifelong and unrelenting interest in the humanities and performing arts. As a kid, after watching a play for the first time, Nancy was mesmerized by the scenes, sequences, and dialogue of the characters. It moved her so much that she knew immediately her assignment in life was to participate in performance and ultimately the writing of the scenes that brought the human fiction to life. Achieving this goal, she came to learn, required overcoming mountains of obstacles, many she didn’t realize she faced. She grew up in a simple household in Pittsburgh, raised by wonderful, stable parents, but in the type of Irish-Catholic household that didn’t share in her grand aspirations or dreams. She knew she had to get out of her charming but perhaps limiting hometown and comfort zone. She needed to travel to the largest population centers, to truly understand human interaction, artistic performance, and then translate that into her career. Taking her fear head on, as is her way, she decided to take a huge chance, and with no money, no support, and not knowing anyone, she moved to London to study classical writing and theatre. She was thrilled to participate in and observe one of the most classical stages of modern human history, the Royal Shakespeare Company. She learned everything she could about live performances onstage, ran lights, props, wardrobes, and even managed stages, helped during auditions, and performed office work. She lived in London for a year, and when she returned home she quickly realized her hometown would only stagnate her ambitions. So, to continue her dream of artistic freedom in writing, she did as many have before and after her, and moved to Los Angeles. Again, she didn’t know anyone or have any support, but she was undeterred. Since she has resided in Los Angeles, Nancy has earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from California State University Northridge, and has worked in Hollywood for many years. Recently, she entered her screenplay, “City Girl” into four major screenwriting contests and became a quarter finalist in The Page Awards and Scriptapalooza. She has two other screenplays in the works, a Sci Fi action film, and a short horror film. She’s also created an original a one hour drama TV show and written a sitcom, complete with bible. She’s on the 5th rewrite of her book, and she hopes to turn that into a TV show once its published. Nancy has enjoyed writing movie reviews for She has also written and performed her own stand-up comedy material from the West to the East coast. In addition to writing stand-up material for herself, she has also written for other comedians. The most rewarding piece of material I have written is not actually one that has been revealed, but it gives me continuous encouragement each time I work on it, despite any length of time or absence from it. Nancy spends her free time pursuing physically challenging activities in nature, including rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and mountain biking. She’s a brand ambassador for which features endurance athletic apparel. She travels the world as often as time permits, having visited Morocco, Peru, and recently having returned from an Epic trip in Italy. She has enjoyed many successes, and has endured some setbacks. She has always known, that writing provides her such sincere satisfaction and rewarding feelings, and aspires her to further her career in pursuit of her dreams. Thanks!!

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