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I am a PROFESSIONAL actor having done extensive work as background, extra. I have done over 120 TV Shows, 36 Movies, 30 Commercials, 14 Music Videos (three featured and one principle), 4 Industrial Training Videos, 4 PSA’s and 12 Photo Shoots. I have done work on films from eight other countries: Italy, Australia, France, Holland, Japan, India, Sweden and Russia. I have done an episode on Animal Planet and an Internet Viral Video Commercial that were all improv. I have also done Radio Announcing both live and pretaped.


I have done a Principle Roles on a TV Show Pilot titled “Loving Arms” as Dr. James Loving, directed by Michael Belanger and on “Justice for All”, a TV Court Show, as Lem Orson who is a restaurant owner. I have also done supporting roles on the “Shankill Road” directed by Tess Downey in which I played Arthur, the Prison Warden, “No Weapon Formed Against Us” as a White Supremacist Rally Leader directed by Eriah Howard, on “Prenup to a Murder” as lawyer John Lynch directed by Patrick Tauliere and on a Webisode titled “Justice”: as the Butler Ralph Argon directed by Armand Gazarian, on the Movie “Attila” as Corporal Connor , on the Movie “Sinbad and the War of the Furies“ as the Policeman directed by Scott Wheeler, Diminqendo” as Reporter No. 4 directed by Bren Pryor and on the Webisode “the Kids Table” as Uncle Directed by .

I have done several Vouce Over projects including DeLudwigs from Sweden.


You can see me in the following Music Videos on YouTube:

Fergie, A Little Work as Doctor

Watsky, Tiny Glowing Bubbles as Businessman

De La Soul, Pain Feat as Businessman

Forever in Your Mind, Shake Your Booty As Grandpa.

Aleesia, Life of the Party as the Butler.

Todrick Hall, Pretty Boys as the Evil Politician (in black).

Benny Adam, Slapstack, Man Servant

Laura Pien, I Will Follow You as Bank Manager

Slain, Bobby be Good as Old Bobby.

Crookers, I Just Can’t as Black Jack Dealer.

Or use this link to see my Music Video Reel on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7Ku_EQllcfg.

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