Mark W. Travis

Sunland , California






Teacher and Coach of Film Directing, Writing and Acting


Personal Bio

MARK W. TRAVIS is regarded by Hollywood and independent film professionals internationally as the world’s leading teacher and consultant on the art and craft of film directing. Known as “the director’s director,” Mark is in high demand on film projects worldwide for his insightful coaching of, and collaboration with directors, actors and writers. Winner of over 30 directing awards in TV and theater, Mark Travis developed The Travis Technique, an innovative approach to directing that elicits authentic and deeply-felt performances from actors and storytellers of every genre. His workshops, master classes and mentoring/consulting services cover all stages of filmmaking from pre-production to production and post-production.


“Mark Travis sure can teach. Don’t know why he’s not running the TV directing world.”

~ Paris Barclay, Former President of Directors Guild of America, Emmy Award winner, Writer/Director/Producer of over 155 TV episodes


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