Maejor Emoni Love [DESIGNED BY MAEJOR]

Kennesaw , Georgia





Graphic Design

Post Production

Visual FX



Personal Bio

DESIGNED BY MAEJOR is a premier multimedia company out of the Metro Atlanta Area. We are an intimate circle of talented creatives and we provide varying fields of access to our clients. We deliver digital media solutions. From video production to dynamic graphic overlays, and eye catching animation, DESIGNED BY MAEJOR is a transformative experience. Our growing client list consists of some incredible entertainers, social media influencers, small businesses, and more. 

We absolutely love working out of Metro Atlanta, although being part virtual office makes it possible for us to provide services to clients from all over. Partnering with organizations like yours allows us to become one of the finest and most trusted media companies in the world. Together, we are possible.

 “Let’s Get Creative.”


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